Privacy Statement

In compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 25 May 2018, Brownsea Open Air Theatre (BOAT) issues the following statement.
This statement briefly outlines our purpose in, and control of, the collection and retention of your personal data, and will form part of our overall Data Protection Policy:
1) Roy Sach - Chairman of Trustees will act as the appointed Data Controller for BOAT.
2) Company members data (cast and crew) The purpose of the collection of your personal data is to allow necessary operational contact between yourselves, the Trustees and Heads of Departments, pursuant to the effective production of that years dedicated performance. Customer data is collected in relation to all sales conducted on-line.  This data does not include financial details as BOAT does not have access to these.  BOAT also stores customer details for the purposes of transmitting a newsletter by e-mail as agreed and approved by those customers, whose details will be retained on the data base until they elect to unsubscribe.
3) Your Personal Data is only shared with a Third Party when necessary and only for the purposes of storing and processing that data.  In each case, the said Third Parties have no access to your data for their own purposes. Details of the Third Parties can be made available on request.
4) BOAT retains records of customer details only for the purposes of accounting for and auditing sales transactions, and for as long as is required within legal guidelines and timescales. Company members data concerning the production companies cast and crew will be held for 1 year from the date of the Inaugural meeting for the said show.
5) Details of your Individual Rights regarding the data held including access, erasure, portability and other rights will be available to you in greater detail within our Data Protection Policy.