Terms and Conditions 2019

1) Ticket Pricing
  • Tickets are priced at £25 each. 
  • There are no concessionary prices relating to age (see section 3 re children). 
  • The ticket price includes return boat fare from Poole Quay to Brownsea Island only via Brownsea Island Ferries Ltd (yellow boats) and only at the times specified on the tickets.
  • With a valid ticket there is no landing fee to pay upon arrival at Brownsea Island.

2) Purchasing Tickets

Subject to availability tickets may be purchased

Online at www.brownsea-theatre.co.uk

  • Tickets can be purchased online from February 1st 2019
  • BOAT use PayPal for payment. Credit/debit cards may be used for non-PayPal account holders. All payment details are confidential between the customer and PayPal. BOAT does not have access to those details
  • All online sales/orders include a (PayPal) booking fee and a small (BOAT) handling charge. This fee amounts to £1.20 plus a maximum of 37p per ticket.
  • There is a maximum of twenty tickets per performance for each online booking (This is to protect patrons - and BOAT - from problems caused by processing or typing errors; it is not a financial restriction. Anyone wishing for more than 20 tickets for a particular performance will need to process an additional order)
  • If tickets are ordered less than five days in advance of a performance BOAT will contact patrons to arrange pick-up of tickets on the performance evening at Poole Quay. All charges as above will still be taken in such an event. 

Via post (by cheque)

  • Cheques to be sent to PO Box 338, Poole, BH17 7ZT
  • Cheques should be made payable to ‘Brownsea Open Air Theatre’ or ‘BOAT’
  • Patrons are requested to enclose a self-addressed envelope and correct postage with each order. Alternatively patrons will be requested to add £1 handling/postage charge per order
  • Booking forms are available at www.brownsea-theatre.co.uk  

In person, on performance days (by cash only)

  • These can only be purchased on Poole Quay (where the boats go the Island) between 5:00pm and 6:30 pm on performance nights. Patrons are advised to check availability in advance.
  • Warning: The majority of BOAT productions sell out in advance. Tickets on performance nights may sometimes only be available if unwanted tickets are returned.

3)  Purchasing Restrictions

The following restrictions apply and are the responsibility of the purchaser to note (for all his/her party)

BOAT productions are not recommended for children under 10. Due to insurance restrictions CHILDREN UNDER 6 CANNOT be accommodated.

Anyone inadvertently purchasing ticket(s) for any child(ren) under 6 should contact BOAT as soon as possible for refund (see terms in section 6). Refunds will NOT be given for such tickets returned on the day of performance for such a circumstance but only by pre-arrangement or in the circumstances if re-sold as specified in section 6.

People with Limited Mobility need to be aware of the following policy specified by Brownsea Island Ferries Ltd before ordering tickets:-

“We welcome disabled customers on board our vessels, but for safe access a small degree of mobility is needed by everyone. Due to the jetty and vessel design, adults who use wheelchairs must be able to walk (assisted if necessary) just a few steps for access at boarding gates, as crews are not permitted to lift occupied wheelchairs. Each wheelchair must be accompanied by an attendant to assist a disabled person in the event of an emergency on board. In all cases the number of wheelchairs that may be carried is at the absolute discretion of the vessel’s Master.”

Anyone needing clarification of this should contact Brownsea Island Ferries Ltd.

BOAT provide transport at the quay on Brownsea Island for any patron who has difficulty making their own way to Church Field where the performances take place. This does not have to be pre-booked, but patrons are advised to let BOAT know when ordering tickets of any needs to sit in the auditorium in a wheelchair or other difficulties which mean they would need to be allocated in an appropriate seating area.

4) Usage of Tickets

  • (i) Any ticket issued can ONLY be used for :-

the scheduled date specified on the ticket


the contingency date specified on the ticket and then ONLY in the event that the scheduled performance is cancelled and replaced by a performance on the specified contingency date

  • (ii) Patrons may use tickets to travel to Brownsea Island on the date of performance ONLY from Poole Quay on Brownsea Island Ferries ONLY at the scheduled times as publicised on the tickets (between 5:00pm and 6:40pm). Anyone wishing to go to Brownsea Island earlier in the day on Brownsea Island Ferries or with any other boat service/company would be subjected to paying a return boat fare, but should remain aware that the return boats after the performance will ONLY return to Poole Quay. Note also that an early arrival on the Island may also mean having to pay a landing fee to the National Trust.

5) Cancellation of Scheduled Performances

  • (i) Due to performances being held in the open air and on an island, BOAT has traditionally allowed for a contingency performance should the scheduled performance be cancelled. A performance may be cancelled for a number of reasons, eg adverse weather at the time, sea conditions, the auditorium and/or acting area causing Health and Safety concerns following bad weather. Hence BOAT performances are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with days between set aside for contingency purposes. However, BOAT will not cancel any scheduled performance at the first sign of rain and/or because the weather on the contingency date is forecast to be better, although BOAT will and does always monitor responsibly all forecasts for weather and sea conditions. Patrons should also be aware that the weather on the Island frequently differs from that on the mainland and that even on a hot day the evening can become cold. Patrons should take responsibility to cater for this by bringing appropriate waterproofs and warm clothing.
  • (ii) BOAT will always aim to perform on the scheduled date if possible. It is very much in the interests of the Company, as well as patrons, that the show goes on. After months of preparation and rehearsals, BOAT will always want to give patrons the best that can be offered. A condition on the purchasing of tickets for any BOAT production is that BOAT Management will take responsibility for deciding whether a performance goes ahead and that decision is final.
  • (iii) BOAT monitors weather forecasts throughout the day and up-to-date information will be available online and on the mobile telephone service that BOAT provide on performance dates.
  • (iv) BOAT may call off a scheduled performance at any time before the scheduled start time of 7:30pm. Anyone on the Island at the time a performance is called off will be transported back to Poole Quay and tickets will be valid for the contingency performance the following evening.
  • (v) Once a performance begins, BOAT is obliged to continue and perform the whole play unless, in a very rare circumstance, it becomes unsafe to do so. In wet conditions, when BOAT considers it right to do so, the performance may actually continue in blacks or waterproofs rather than costume. Once a performance starts, there will be NO contingency performance the following evening.
  • (vi) It is important for patrons to be aware of and note the contingency dates for performances in the event that any scheduled performance is cancelled. A condition of sale is that it is each ticket holder’s responsibility to be available for the contingency date and there are no refunds if the scheduled performance is cancelled and the ticket holder is unable to attend the contingency date.
  • (vii) There can be no refunds if unable to attend either performance except in the circumstances laid out in section 6.

6) Refunds and Exchanges

  • (i) BOAT will consider refunding any ticket that is returned and received by BOAT at least fourteen days before the scheduled date of performance on that ticket. However if more than FOUR tickets should be returned by one customer, BOAT will only refund tickets IF they are subsequently re-sold.
  • (ii) BOAT will only consider refunding any ticket that is returned and received by BOAT less than fourteen days before the scheduled date of performance IF that ticket is subsequently re-sold.
  • (iii) BOAT will consider exchanging any ticket for a different performance if received at least seven days  before the scheduled date of the performance on the returned ticket OR at any time if the date it is being exchanged for is earlier than that of the returned ticket.
  • (iv) Tickets that are returned on Poole Quay on the date of performance will only be refunded if they are able to be re-sold.
  • (v) All refunds that are agreed by BOAT will be for the full ticket price that was originally  paid, but any handling/online fees paid are not refundable. Refund of tickets returned by post may be subjected to a handling/postage charge of £1 if a self-addressed envelope with the correct postage is not sent with the returned ticket(s).
  • (vi) Refunds that are sent in the post will be payable ONLY to the person who originally ordered, unless agreed by all parties in writing.
  • (vii) Refunds for tickets on performance nights will be made in cash on the night OR by post, by cheque, to the person who originally ordered. In the latter case this may be subjected to a handling/postage charge of £1.
  • (viii) There are no refunds as the result of cancellation of the original scheduled date as the ticket holder is responsible for being available for the contingency date.
  • (ix) There are no refunds for the abandonment of any performance once it has started.
  • (x) Refunds can NOT be claimed for those who miss the last boat in any circumstances. It is recommended to park at the nearby multi-storey car park (postcode BH15 1SB) by 6:30pm at the very latest.