Romeo & Juliet. Brownsea Open Air Theatre. 26th July - 11th August 2023.


The world's most-beloved tale of love at first sight. Set in a sultry Italian summer, hot-blooded passion pulses and tempers fray as young lovers hastily tread their dangerous path through the bitter feud of two warring 

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*When purchasing a ticket for any scheduled performance, patrons are also agreeing to be available for the appropriate contingency date which would be played if the original performance is cancelled.


For all performances there are seats set aside for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility, with transport on the usual boat. To book these seats you need to be registered on the BH Live access scheme, and you need to log in to your BH Live account before booking seats. For more information or to register, email [email protected].

People with Limited Mobility need to be aware of the following policy specified by Brownsea Island Ferries Ltd:-
“We welcome disabled customers on board our vessels, but for safe access a small degree of mobility is needed by everyone. Due to the jetty and vessel design, adults who use wheelchairs must be able to walk (assisted if necessary) just a few steps for access at boarding gates, as crews are not permitted to lift occupied wheelchairs. Each wheelchair must be accompanied by an attendant to assist a disabled person in the event of an emergency on board. In all cases the number of wheelchairs that may be carried is at the absolute discretion of the vessel’s Master.”
Anyone needing clarification of this should contact Brownsea Island Ferries Ltd.

Transport is provided at the quay on Brownsea Island for any patron who has difficulty making their own way to Church Field where the performances take place. This does not have to be pre-booked.

Stay on the island

The National Trust are pleased to offer all Brownsea Island Open Air Theatre visitor the opportunity to spend a night under the stars on the island's historic campsite. See our Visit page for details.

Not to be missed!

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Engaging, witty, and a joy to watch

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Brownsea Open Air Theatre always put on a great show